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10.08.09 - characteristics and elements of the given...

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MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 227 08/10/2009 ETHNOGRAPHY: a term usually applied to the acts both of observing directly the behavior of a social group and producing a written description thereof. GERT: Anthropological writing: thick description, layers of meaning. WELLIN: interested in outlining the biomedicine of other cultures. BIOMEDICINE: understanding used to be that biomedicine was truth and “knowledge”, unbiased, without cultural bounds, whereas the other medical systems anthropologists went to study were a variety on incorrect, yet interesting “belief”. Recently the scope has turned to biomedicine as a cultural system. KIRMEYER: “medical practice has evolved many ways .... for distancing .... from the person.” Removing the social person from the equation. IDEAL TYPE: a term associated with sociologist Max Weber. An ideal type is formed from
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics and elements of the given phenomena, but it is not meant to correspond to all of the characteristics of any one particular case. It is not meant to refer to perfect things, moral ideals nor to statistical averages but rather to stress certain elements common to most cases of the given phenomena. WHAT IS REVEALED AND WHAT IS CONCEALED IN OUR COMMONSENSE PERCEPTIONS OF REALITY? WHAT IS SPECIFIC TO BIOMEDICINE? 1. Biological reductionist 2. Monotheist 3. Emphasises discrete entities over relationality, is individualistic 4. Disenchanted – removes responsibility, morality 5. Professionalized, bureaucratized KLEINMAN: Medicine talks about the hard and soft sciences. Hard: procedures that enter the body, pathology, surgery. Soft: talk, psychology, paediatrics ....
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