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MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: 27/10/2009 GUEST LECTURER: TOBIAS REES Biomedicine came into existence 1945-1975 o Precondition: two separate domains, biology and medicine Each had a separate language Role of anthropology within biomedicine Short History of Anthropology Ethnography: study of others (1800) Europeans divided the world into two parts o pre-modern unenlightened exposed to the forces of nature o modern Enlightened Can “control nature” so that they are no longer exposed Anthropology originally studied those who were pre-modern o Originally historical 1970s-1980s – history of their own subject o Ethnography: complicit with the powers (colonialism etc.) o Began to rethink the ethnographic project Anthropology of Science: Reveno: “have to anthropologize the West” Have to study those aspects that are constituative to modernity Medical Anthropology (1970s) Many different streams Hippies (healing, holism vs. Biomedicine, reductionism) Critical medical anthropology o Aren’t doctors telling people how to live, dictating, a form of power closely connected to neo-colonialism Some authors: Biomedicine is only an ideology Clinically applied medical anthropology So doctors could properly give service to those who could not understand
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2010 for the course ANTH Anth 227 taught by Professor Lisastevenson during the Fall '09 term at McGill.

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