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Unformatted text preview: M E D ICAL ANT H ROPO LOGY 227 17/11/2009 • Flexible eugenics o Conception of the self, mind vs. Body Trans: the mind is ok, the body is wrong, changing what is “wrong” to conform to social norms. o The normal vs. The abnormal Where do ideas of normal come from? • Internalized vs. External Flexible eugenics and the world becoming a laboratory. o Genetic eugenics affect one person, but the idea of r isk society crosses boundaries (cultural, generational, geographical) and they cannot be t ested in advance. Eugenics: self direction of evolution, begins to cross boundaries and eliminates certain types of people and will eventually affect society at large. o Technology is taking on a life of its own. o Transformation in what we feel as selves, we have significant control over “ who we are as an individual” not just socially, but also physically Ways of being social based around a biological idea of identity o Groups based around biosociality What about a leper colony where there is no choice? Enforced. Movie: Perfect Strangers, Genetic Kin o DNA testing can find genetic disorders with more specificity and accuracy o Genes standing in for family relationships in new ways Pharmaceutical selves o What’s normal and what’s enhanced? Can you improve the normal self and remain ‘normal’, can you become a ‘better self’? o • • • • • ...
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