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September 2 - which pumps the fixative throughout the body...

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September 2, 2010 ANATOMY 261 Remember that the angle of a cut can drastically alter the visual representation of a ample The ideal is a perfect, circular cross section, typically you find oblique sections (oval), but you can also find longitudinal sections Learn the flowchart about the preparation of samples for light vs. electron microscopy Immersion is not ideal because the cells in the center of the sample are dying as the fixative moves through the tissue Perfusion is preferable, -the fixative is injected into the artery of the mouse
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Unformatted text preview: which pumps the fixative throughout the body which reduces cell death • In order to use electron microscopy perfusion is even more preferable,because, in order to see very small elements of a sample these small elements have to be fixed very whele • Clearing o 70%- 80% -90% - 100% ethanol (replaces the water in the tissue o replaced by paraffin (xylene (wax)) or epoxy (propylene glycol (plastic)) solvent • Removal of paraffin done by introduction of xylene •...
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