Education - Education 17:44 EducationasanInstitution...

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Education 17:44 Education as an Institution Intellectual Gains o Functional Literacy Basic, functional reading ability o Innumeracy Basic functional math skills Intellectual gains are the substantive rewards of education. The major  contribution of education is: Normative Socialization o Classroom Behavior o Life Skills Hidden Curriculum  Hidden Curriculum o Philip Jackson (1968) o Socialization  Desk Behavior Line Behavior (Queue) Question Behavior Bathroom Behavior Schools Stupid in America 
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Coleman Report (1966) o Survey Data (N=6000) Money Doesn’t Matter Parent’s Education  Peer’s Educational Effect o Confirmed by Jencks at al (1972) Size Matters o Short Answer… Yes. Nye eat al (1994) Smaller Class, Less Discipline, Higher Achievement  Finn et al (2005) Smaller classes, Higher graduation rates o Public vs Private Students in private schools perform better Religious  Selection Effects Classroom Setting Students are tracked into various career paths based on future plans or ability. 
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Education - Education 17:44 EducationasanInstitution...

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