Exploring Sociology

Exploring Sociology - Max Weber-first sociologist to...

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Exploring Sociology 17:42 August Comte- 19 th  century French philosopher, consider a founder of sociology. Society is better understood by determining the logic or scientific laws  governing human behavior called “social physics” or “positivism” Positivism- the belief that here is only one true knowledge. Social physics- implies that the rues of society are hard-lined like those of the  non-social sciences Karl Marx- 19 th  century German philosopher and social critic Theory of historical materialism identifies class conflict as the primary cause  of social change History is the story of man’s fight for the control of the natural world
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Unformatted text preview: Max Weber-first sociologist to appreciate the importance of subjectivity Interpretive sociology- variant of sociology that emphasizes the understanding of subjective meaning Verstehen- Empathetic Understanding Emile Durkheim- interested in social integration and the way human society held together Saw religion as a primary mechanism of integration Positivistic Sociology- belief that the social world functions via a series of rules (A nuanced version of Comptes Social Physics) 17:42 17:42...
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Exploring Sociology - Max Weber-first sociologist to...

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