Family - Family 17:34 TheTraditionalFamily

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Family 17:34 The Traditional Family Nuclear Family: What we had as an ideal for years. Mother, Father, and  BIOLOGICAL child.  Functionalism in the Family Nuclear Family is the centerpiece of a functionalist perspective on a family. All You Need: o Mom- domestic Duties o Dad- works and makes money o Baby is there to keep the family going. For Family, a purely functionalist perspective doesn’t exactly work. Putting Tradition into Perspective 50’s Illusion Baby Boom o Returning G.I’s o Booming Economy  o Birth of TV Pre-Industrial Families Before the industrial revolution families consisted of loose kinship networks. The lack of social organization meant that individuals  Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution split the world into spheres of  Public  and  Private . Many of the tasks previously done in the home were now outsourced  professionally. o Making Clothes o Food Production This era marks the  Cult of Domesticity.    World War II
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Women moved into factories to replace men who were off fighting the Nazi’s. This era represents a brief reprieve from the Cult of Domesticity 
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Family - Family 17:34 TheTraditionalFamily

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