practisemidterm1question--key-1 - them in good detail...

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Your name:____________________________________ 1. ( 6 pts ) Describe how you would identify most of the genes required for head development in Drosophila . (1 sentence) 4 pts for just saying genetic screen 2 pts for elaborating—mutants with funny looking heads, details about how to do genetic screens, etc. 2 . (6 pts) Describe an experiment that you would do to test whether a gene acts as a morphogen. Be sure to give the expected outcome. 2 pts for in situ hyb or antibody staining-1 pt for graded expression 2 pts for manipulating the gradient in any way –RNAi, overexpression, mutant, etc.-1 pts for alters expression pattern of downstream genes 4. (a) ( 6 pts ) List THREE important consequences of cleavage in the early embryo 2 pts each 1. smaller cytopasmic/nuclear ratio 2. new cell environments created 3. segregation of determinants (You can give 1 extra point to people who only list 2 consequences but explain
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Unformatted text preview: them in good detail) MULTIPLE CHOICE (5 pts each)—there is ONE answer for each question 6. The slow block to polyspermy is caused by: a. Depolarization of the egg plasma membrane b. The release of cortical granules from the newly fertilized egg c. Release of the acrosomal contents by the sperm d. degradation of cytostatic factor e. the introduction of the sperm centrosome into the egg 8. The following event is triggered by a rise in intracellular free calcium: a. genomic imprinting b. the fast block to polyspermy c. the cortical reaction d. stabilization of cytostatic factor e. all of the above 1 Your name:____________________________________ 10 (b) ( 6 pts ) In the outline of the fertilized Drosophila egg below, shade in the distribution of the Bicoid mRNA . Should be restricted domain to the anterior—no gradient 2 embryos from Toll mutant mothers bg ral D V A P...
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practisemidterm1question--key-1 - them in good detail...

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