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biol 319 review - a Fn Bone destroying cells b Location...

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Lab 1- Bone histology 3 Types of Bone cells: 1. Osteocytes  (bone-cell)- a. Fn: Bone maintaining cell b. Location: essentially a osteoblast  encased in bone 2. Osteoblasts (bone rebuilding)  a. Fn: Bone forming cells b. Location: in this pic around the bone c. Constantly creating  bone cells while  osteoclasts are constantly  destroying bone cells to ensure  calcium is stored and released as needed. 3. Osteoclasts (bone cleaving) 
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Unformatted text preview: a. Fn: Bone destroying cells b. Location: appear MULTINUCLEATED c. Fn: Releases calcium salts by releasing hydrochloric acid and collagenases. Bone forms 2ways: 1. Intramembranous bones like CLAVICLE and CRANIAL BONES form from fibrous membranes 2. Endochondral (inside cartilage) bones like Femur and thoracic vertebra form from replacing hydraline cartilage (glassy, firm, flexible collagen). Fn:...
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