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immuno-exam1 study questions - 1. Vaccination is best...

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Vaccination is best described as prevention of severe disease by: a. deliberate introduction of a virulent strain of an infectious agent b. prior exposure to an infectious agent in an attenuated or weakened form c. prophylactic treatment with antibiotics d. stimulating effective innate immune responses e. using effective public health isolation regimens such as quarantine. 2. Explain how the adaptive and innate immune systems work together to generate an effective immune response. 3. A. Name the primary lymphoid tissues in mammals and the main types of secondary lymphoid tissue. B. What is the difference in function between primary and secondary lymphoid tissues and what are the principal events that take place in each? 4. The most abundant type of leukocyte in human peripheral blood is: a. eosinophil b. basophil c. neutrophil d. monocyte e. lymphocyte. 5. Phagocytosis of either microbes or microbial constituents by macrophages is followed by the activation of macrophages and the secretion of cytokines. What are the main effects of these molecules? 6. Why does it take approximately a week after infection for the benefits of an adaptive immune response to start to be felt? 7. Explain three mechanisms by which pathogens exert damaging effects upon host cells during the course of an infection, and provide an example of a pathogen for each effect. 8. Explain why a genetic deficiency of C3 leads to a type of immunodeficiency characterized by recurrent and severe infections. 9.
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immuno-exam1 study questions - 1. Vaccination is best...

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