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7.6 Variation - • Now you have your equation ready to go...

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9/29/2008 1 Variation y varies directly with x means y=kx for some k y varies indirectly with x means y =k/x for some k Combined variation can include direct, indirect, and powers. for example, if f varies directly with m 1 and m 2 , but indirectly with the square of d, 2 2 1 d m km f Solving a variation problem Set up the equation with the constant of proportionally “k” unknown. There will inevitably be a set of values that you can plug in and solve for k.
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Unformatted text preview: • Now you have your equation, ready to go. You will be give new values for variables. Plug them into the equation and evaluate the resulting expression Example from p. 527 • Volume varies jointly with the square of r and h. • Given V 198, r 3, and h 7 • V = kr 2 h • 198 k(3) 2 (7) • k 3.14 (our old friend [pi]) • If r = 22 and h = 10, what is V? • V (3.14)*22 2* 10 15,200...
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