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Student Questions, Petroleum and Beyond 1. A substance the speeds up a reaction but is not itself consumed is a. Intake stroke b. Power stroke c. Catalyst d. None of the above 2. What year did the US government take action to help reduce pollution? a. 1965 b. 1970 c. 1980 d. 1968 3. What are some sources of lead? a. Batteries b. Paints and glazes c. Toys d. A + B e. all of the above 4. What is the 3 rd stage of the 4 cycle engine? a. Intake stroke b. Compression stroke c. Exhaust stroke d. Power stroke 5. Which is a gasoline additive used to increase the octane rating? a. Heptanes enhancer b. Octane enhancer c. Butane enhancer d. Ether 6. Which of the following hydrocarbons has the highest boiling point? a. C 124 H 250 b. C 8 H 18 c. CH 4 d. C 174 H 350 7. In 2001, how many barrels of oil did the US consume per day? a. 19.65 million b. 8.6 million c. 19.65 billion d. 8.6 billion 8. Where was the new strategic petroleum reserve approved to be built
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a. Freeport , Texas b. Winnie, Texas c. Richmond, Mississippi d. Baton Rouge, Lousiana 9. What type of ethanol fuel is used most today? a. E75 b. E80 c. E10 d. E100 10. Which is a benefit of ethanol a. It’s expensive b. It’s harmful c. It increases fuel’s octane rating d. It is 100% pollution free 11. What is one way in which an engine knocks? a. Develops from preignition where the piston has not risen to normal level when the spark plug fires b. When gasoline leaks into carburator c. When too much fuel is in the engine d. Engine breaks down 12. What are the benefits of ethanol? a. Reduces harmful automobile emissions b. Offers consumers a cost-effective choice at the pump c. Both a and b d. None of the above 13. The Clean air act was passed in what year and what year did it have to be completely in effect? a.
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Studentquestions_petroleum_key_F07 - Student Questions,...

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