Q1Phys131WI10-E2%282nd%20law%29 - !e h(ra L*r=*r4*f =*3...

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5oluhora Name Student II) Score lasl Jirst I. Blocks. Strings. and Pulleys [30 pts] Two boxes are pulled across a surface by a falling weight as shown below. The coeflicients of friction between the boxes and the surface are ps and po. Neglect the masses of the ropes and the pulley. A. [6 pts] In the space below draw a free-body-diagram for each of the blocks and label force accordingly. Identify the third law pairs on yollr diagram by connecting the two forces by a dash line. l^ t, - nz 3n3 Block m, Block m, Block m. B. [4 pts] tror the frictionless case (4" = ltr,= 0) what is the relationship between Trand,Tr? Circle the correct answer. \_l|rr 1 {,\3 Becar^-s.r - tnA 2 L= a..-elevatlo ^ ,1[l ,tt'- nn^^s\ f \",* Jorcc- o*di'^1 o\^ i+ ont^o -Tt-T=-)o L'*.ti'.^ 4ttg o...,e,1-era*l o r4 . (a) Tr<7, (b) T. = T" IF C. 6 pt*l Write Nervton's second law on the direction of motion for each of the blocks in terms of the specific values of masses, accelerations and forces.
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Unformatted text preview: !e* -- h(ra L*r=*r4 )_._ *f = *3 ^-TZ = 3tnrn-rii-TZ z4la\-"i -tlv'd*hrr ht Physics 131,WI2010 Exam 2 Q1 Physl 3 I WIl 0-E2(2nd law).doc Name D. Student ID Fptsl What is the acceleration, a, of the falling weight in the frictionless case in terms of g? Show yourwork. Tf -T2=rrv1,61 Tr -Bw\ a, = \4 \ T. = z{vnql L\ \ -v\41 = -rnnq, 4rlo - fiX - -;6a 6^=3 a -E. F pttl Suppose the blocks are not moving. What is the minimum coefficierit of'static a-=t4 friction, pr, needed to keep them from moarryg?Show your work. Cl.- o [Ft =lv1r.oro Lot=h4-cr?o b* fS.1= r' 9"t s i.,.Nl t/ *3 -tr - hrlt z- E o -.+ lng -*3r\ -r'rb*g\= ff= qfr{F fn'= \ =o.2 , j 2-Fy -h4 a= D 3-Tt - \41=o I*:* BO-L?::fl p,rtlt\'\it \n S v\r =3t13 T2, =nJ -n"rt /^s Physics 131,WI2010 Exam 2 Q1 Phys13 1WI10-E2(2nd law).doc...
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Q1Phys131WI10-E2%282nd%20law%29 - !e h(ra L*r=*r4*f =*3...

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