Q1%20Phys131-SolE2%20%282nd%20law%29 - J ,al33 =L ^ 1...

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Student ID Score I. Blocks, Strings, and Pulleys [20 pts] Blocks with masses of m,= 1.0 kg and m, = 2.0 kg are connected by a string, supported on a frictionless table, and connected by a string and pulley to a hanging block with a mass m3 = 3.0 kg, as shown, and released from rest. F;.-; A. [3 pts] In the space below draw a free body diagram for each of the blocks and label force accordingly. Identify the third law pairs on your diagram by connecting the two forces by a dash line. Block m, rl,cl r'T -! r.tF t- t:>' l' 4irr'1 \) \j Block m, Block m, Block m. B. [3 pts] Write Newton second law for each of the blocks l,2,and 3 in terms of specific forces. Block m, Block m, T ,3L ? /rd Trz n33 'l- f 1m,7-'/ta :=|dl tA I Ttz- Block m, Tz3 -Tzi ='W t p of / F'^ \Tz) mr77ryo l?1 l- C. t5 ptsl What is the acceleration of the system? - ,'i i n/ 9. * Z{r -"' - .' t, ''.' , l,rrrtr, ;t- - t q = ^ zo ==" T2 3 (1 ,^u\ " e1 n'(-,+wtz)a +*3o ' ,u.\1) (r1? t . y' -i*'-'t' [^,+w1z + m )a= tl "' f\\\' \ >, \.
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Unformatted text preview: J ,al33 =L ^ 1 r'rn2) ^=3 ^zj 1-Yft t tl l-,4-\/ .r,t-'l't .L L) Ql Physl3l-E2 (2nd law).doc 614 vi\ 11 C ut ' - Physics 1 31 , WI 2009 4 AYvl6; ,u' ' : Physics 131, WI 2009 Exam 2 I' rt\ Name Student ID Score-mrl = "*24 t r, )f/ 3(^zt"nr) :k^' tA)q 4g'* last first D. t5 ptsl what is the tension T,, (in N) in the string connecting blocks I and2? \Z-- rh 1 Ct = \x Q.q b\ [4 pts] Now suppose that the surface is NOT frictionless. If the coefficient of static-friction between the blocks and the surface was ps =o'2'will the blocks move or not? Show your work and explain your reasoning. Trz - \g ; "'\1 6' Tz-: --r>r -(*r= -r z-4 T:z- hn33- -w,3o\ @\;lrynA +y'n'S. ("r, ta!)t I T3r- h36 = -*3q-T3z . wr3 (g-.) *ZJ - fE (nnrrr-r"rz): .'\ thz) q (^r *w, z +-v1lt ts) *-C",r +- e ) (t" z) 3 rq.q) _(".2) (q.l) rnj 3 - ,h6 Physics l3l, WI2009 o\ s 3 "qZ hls2 Ql Phtsl3l-E2 (2nd law).doc Irz_+- 3 fi'lt+h45fwl...
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Q1%20Phys131-SolE2%20%282nd%20law%29 - J ,al33 =L ^ 1...

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