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a.i:--r \t Student ID Score- Name first n II. A Catch in Snace [10 Pointsl An astronaut of iluss 60 kg is on a spacewalk to repair a communications satellite, when he realizes that he needs to consult the repair manual. You throw it to him at a speed of 4'0 m/s relative to the spacecraft. He is at resiwhen he catches the 3.0 kg book' '-jig: A. 3.0 kg [4 pts] Find his velocity just after he catches the book. (Show your work.) '{ I ---1) frl s .- bD tYv'z- 3 Vt'Q wt/5 \rr1V1 t 111 zV -;. '=- (n't''\
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Unformatted text preview: t v'l z) 'V5 ft - -l:ft-: *)?*!*= -= f;. \4,. * / s \ -' V\\ t' v-rl -z-' B. [4 pts] Find the impulse exerted by the book on the astronaut. (Show your work.) aP' rn 1 tlg -o 6oF'i U t f/, tt3 63kg (rl,\ "rln7t) Yjm/*-k SrR O C. Izptsl What is the impulse exerted by the astronaut on the book. Explain.-- ----> AF -o AP, -+ AF.o ,,. .:" 'rt | y,'*- _ D Pf e>.>y- =- .- t=\t,r4- \\.z+ 1 ffiu, ,/ ( f Physics l3l, WI 2009 Exam I Q2 Physl 3 I -E2 (momentum-impulse).doc...
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