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Phy%20131%20FE%20WI09 - Name Student ID Score last first =...

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Name _______________________ Student ID _______________ Score______ _____ last first Physics 131, Winter 2009 Final Exam Q0 Phys 131-FE FWI09.docx ============================================================= READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE NOW Do not open the exam before 9:10. You will have 2 hours after that to complete the examination. Cell Phones are not allowed during the Exam =========================================================== Before the exam begins: Print your name, and write your student ID number in the spaces on this page (above). During the exam: Important! When the exam begins, print your name at the top of each and every page. Do this first when you are told to open your exam. If you are confused about a question, raise your hand and ask for an explanation. If you cannot do one part of a problem, move on to the next part. This is a closed book examination. You may have one sheet of paper upon which you have written your name and useful information. You should turn in the page with your exam. You may use a calculator, but not a computer or other programmable device. Please turn off your cell phone unless you are expecting an emergency call. If you need more space than is available to answer any part of a problem, use the back side of the same page to complete your answer. Clearly indicate to the grader that you used the back side. Do not use scratch paper; it will be ignored. Show your work in enough detail so that the grader can follow your reasoning and your method of solution. Circle your answers, and state units if appropriate. Part A: Problem I: Three blocks [14 pts] ___________ Problem II. A bowling ball [12 pts] ___________ Problem III. Jeff of the Jungle [10 pts] Part B: Problem IV. Multiple-choice conceptual questions [24 pts] ___________ Total [60 pts] ___________
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Name ___________________________________ Student ID ____________ Score _______ last first Physics 131, WI 2009 Final Exam Q1 Phys131B-FE (CNP).doc I. Colliding Carts [14 pts]
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