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Exam 2 Notes - Exam 2 Types of Wars a. Interstate war...

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Exam 2 Types of Wars a. Interstate – war between two or more states; classic; world wars, global wars, great power wars; decreasing since WWII; involve most or all of the great powers; system changing wars; most destructive; rarest; WWI, WWII, Persian Gulf War b. Intrastate – civil wars; wars within a state; have been increasing then decreasing since Cold War c. Extrastate – wars that involve at least one nonstate actor; terrorists; Militarized Interstate Disputes (MIDs) are where the state threatens, has a display of force, and a use of force; less than 1,000 battle deaths is not a war Causes of War a. Realism – international anarchy (absence of a higher authority leaves states with the need to prepare for engaging in violence to protect their interests); rational calculation of costs and benefits; “Are the interests protected worth it in comparison to the potential costs?” b. Liberalism – domestic regime type is a source of war; anarchy is an explanation, but reducing anarchy would make war less frequent Hypotheses a. Individual Level of Analysis 1. Humans are inherently conflictual, so war is more common 2. Lorenz: aggression is an instinct that helps us survive, so war helps us survive 3. Gurr: we can learn to be aggressive; look at culture 4. Misperception – Saddam misperceived many aspects of Persian Gulf War b. State Level of Analysis 1. Duration of independence (less time, more war prone) 2. Economic variables a. Rate of Poverty (expectations rise faster than the economy grows – conflict; more murder in the middle) b. Relative Deprivation (type of jobs/pay) c. Economic System (classes/economic growth, capitalist systems more likely to be satisfied; neo-marxists see capitalism as an increasing cause of war) 3. Ethno-Nationalist movements a. Minority groups within every state
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Exam 2 Notes - Exam 2 Types of Wars a. Interstate war...

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