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Exam 3 Notes - ESSAY Most likely one world theory; Friedman...

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ESSAY Most likely – “one world” theory; Friedman Globalization has always been a positive force Resisting globalization = resisting industrialization Global economy has become essentially one world, where production, trade, and commerce, no longer have much relationship to geography or culture Friedman said globalization was rendering war and geopolitics obsolete o Golden Arches theory o Dell Theory of Conflict prevention Least likely – “war is unthinkable” theory Spread of democracy will result in less wars Pacifying effects of economic interdependence Creation of international institutions that could constrain behavior of states War has become less and less acceptable, partly due to its increasing physical and psychological costs individuals, NGOs, and TANs challenged the idea of war as an acceptable policy instrument Great power war has been avoided due to the global consensus; while smaller wars cannot be ruled out, so many states have joined this consensus that if wars do break, they will likely remain geographically well contained WHY NOT? o Only takes a single state to disrupt the peace o Assumes states will see that the cost-benefit calculation clearly balances against the use of the military and that leaders will behave accordingly, but states tend to miscalculate Cultural Relativism vs. Universalism Cultural Relativism o Morals are historically or culturally specific and change over time o Western attempt to create the idea of human rights results in cultural imperialism o Different cultures have different perspectives on what constitutes human rights o No such thing as universal human rights
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Exam 3 Notes - ESSAY Most likely one world theory; Friedman...

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