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Brittany Stephen July 19, 2010 PSC 332 Historical Reality vs. Neo-Realist Theory – Schroeder I. Thesis: Schroeder’s thesis is that historical reality has differed from neo-realist theory, especially regarding self-help. II. Three Points a. Point 1: During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, states began hiding from France when its revolutionary power grew by leaving the coalition against them. Austria attempted to transcend the crisis, but they failed. b. Point 2: During WWI, smaller states preferred to hide or bandwagon with the
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Unformatted text preview: victor. Neutrals attempted to transcend the conflict by promoting a negotiated peace. c. Point 3: During WWII, there were many instances of bandwagoning with Germany, at first, then with Hitler’s enemies after 1942. Many were hiding by abandonment. III. Conclusion: With these three points, Schroeder points out that hiding, transcending, and bandwagoning were the main strategies of protection from 1648-1945. Self-help was not as evident as neo-realists would have liked to believe....
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