RDGS Ch. 5

RDGS Ch. 5 - to regularize their relations with one another...

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Brittany Stephen PSC 332 August 3, 2010 Leading Through Law – Slaughter I. Thesis: The United States needs international law now because it offers a way to preserve our power and pursue our most important interests while reassuring our allies that they have no reason to fear us or to form alliances as a counterweight to our overwhelming might, and we will need law to regulate the behavior of states as well as their individuals. a. International law provides the indispensable framework for the conduct of stable and orderly international relations. i. Created by states to serve their protective interests. ii. Invented and perpetuated by states seeking to reduce war and violence in a particular set of historical circumstances b. International law survives because it is the only alternative for nations seeking
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Unformatted text preview: to regularize their relations with one another and bind together credibly enough to achieve common gains. c. Over the course of the 21 st century, international law will increasingly confer rights and responsibilities directly on individuals. II. If the U.S. participates in the formation of these new regimes and the reformation of the old, it can help shape a new generation of international legal rules that advance the interests of all law-abiding nations. III. The U.S needs a system of laws tailored to meet todays problems. IV. There have been mismatches between old rules and new threats, especially September 11 th . Now, the U.S. and the UN are targets in a country and a region that seem to be getting out of control....
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RDGS Ch. 5 - to regularize their relations with one another...

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