RDGS Ch. 6 Sikkink - have progressed through the period of...

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Brittany Stephen PSC 332 August 4, 2010 Transnational Politics, International Relations Theory, and Human Rights I. Thesis: Human rights issues are not marginal and increasingly detailed policy and institutional mechanisms exist to ensure the implementation of international human rights standards. a. Any explanation of the rise of human rights must take into account the political power of norms and ideas and the increasingly transnational way in which those ideas are carried and diffused. b. Human rights present a promising case for exploring and extending a theory of norms in international relations. c. Many of the international human rights norms in the Universal Declaration
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Unformatted text preview: have progressed through the period of norm emergence and, since the late 1970s, we have been participating in an international human rights “norms cascade.” d. The degree to which we are aware of human rights violations is an indicator of the influence of human rights norms on expectations on foreign policy. II. A different model of international politics is needed – one that sees the international system as an international society made up not only of states, but also of non-state actors that may have transnational identities and overlapping loyalties....
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RDGS Ch. 6 Sikkink - have progressed through the period of...

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