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RDGS Ch. 7 - c There does not seem to be a coherent Chinese...

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Brittany Stephen PSC 332 August 5, 2010 Meeting the China Challenge – Bergsten I. Thesis: China is becoming one of the most powerful countries in the world, making the stakes even higher for getting U.S. policy toward China right. a. China is the world’s fourth largest economy and third largest trading nation. b. If properly managed, U.S. policy can shape China’s international economic aims and security policy in a positive direction.
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Unformatted text preview: c. There does not seem to be a coherent Chinese strategy to openly challenge U.S. global leadership or construct an anti-U.S. bloc. II. U.S.-China relations are likewise complex and full of contradictions, all the more so as a result of deepening interdependence between the two powers. III. U.S. and Chinese interests are also increasingly complex and interwoven, even as they also diverge on several key issues....
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