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Brittany Stephen PSC 332 August 4, 2010 Sovereignty – Krasner I. Thesis: Many common arguments predicting the decline of the sovereign state are not exactly true. a. Sovereign states are not just about dead; the recognition sovereignty provides guarantees access to international organizations and sometimes to international finance, and it offers status to individual leaders. b. Sovereignty does not mean final authority; in the contemporary world, sovereignty primarily has been linked with the idea that states are autonomous and independent from each other, and, within their own boundaries, members
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Unformatted text preview: of a polity are free to choose their own form of government. c. Globalization does not undermine state control; in fact, states are better able to respond now than they were in the past. d. Universal human rights are not an unprecedented challenge to sovereignty; the 20-plus human rights accords that have been signed in the UN Charter have few enforcement mechanisms. II. The EU is inconsistent with conventional sovereignty rules; its member states have created supranational institutions. However, this is not a model that other parts of the world can imitate....
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