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RDGS Ch. 9 Friedman - even greater restraint in...

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Brittany Stephen PSC 332 August 10, 2010 The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention – Friedman I. Thesis: Classic geopolitical conflicts can erupt at any time and have the ability to slow the flattening of the world or seriously unflatten it, but these threats can be moderated or influenced by the new forms of collaboration fostered and demanded by the flat world, especially supply-chaining. a. Golden Arches Theory – when a country becomes able to support a McDonald’s, it became a McDonald’s country. People in these countries don’t like to fight wars. Instead, they prefer to wait in line for burgers. b. Dell Theory – the spread of JIT global supply chains in the flat world are an
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Unformatted text preview: even greater restraint in geopolitical adventurism than the more general rising standard of living that McDonald’s symbolized. No two countries that are part of a major global supply chain will fight a war against each other because they want to make JIT deliveries of goods and services and enjoy the rising standards of livings that come with that. c. For a country with no natural resources, being part of a global supply chain is like striking oil. d. The reason you can have a strong Japan and a strong China at the same time “is because of the supply chain.”...
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