Rough Draft - I nt roduction This is a Student Survival...

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Introduction This is a Student Survival Guide on distancing learning education. This is a tool for students to look back to, when the student gets stuck in one of their courses. Distant Learning can be complicated and intimidating the first few days. Having a Student Survival Guide would help online students of Axia College get through the first few days of their courses. Learning can be difficult to anyone who wants to start taking courses to expand their knowledge. Now with help of online school, learning has become a new environment for us. With the online environment we can now earn our degrees through online courses. Online education might not be for all students, but it can be a perfect education for other students. Students taking online courses must learn how to use their educational skills and tools to receive all the benefits of college online. The purpose of this guide is to reassure the students who read it that it is not hard as it seems in the beginning. Following the steps and detail on the guide will help the students reach their educational level. With the help of the Student Survival Guide all online students will get their distant learning education. Distant Learning with Axia College will be fun and simple. Setting and achieving Goals: In order to achieve anything of significance would be to put forth an action plan. This type of plan will help students accomplish what they want out of their education. The first step to start an action plan will be setting their life time goals. Students should focus on setting long-term goals and break the down to short-term goals. The short-term goals will show the type of progress the student is making throughout their courses. The long-term goal will show the final result of the students’ action plan. Everyone can make multiple long- term goals but it is important to have one plan for each long-term goal. Having short-term
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2010 for the course COM/150 COM/150 taught by Professor Conway during the Fall '10 term at University of Phoenix.

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Rough Draft - I nt roduction This is a Student Survival...

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