Agrument Credibility - Marijuana is an illegal drug in the...

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Agrument Credibility 1 Running head: ARGUMENT CREDIBILITY Argument Credibility Kimberly Valdez Axia College University of Phoenix
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Agrument Credibility 2 Argument Credibility Legalizing marijuana has always been a debate in the United States, whether it should be legalized or it shouldn’t be legalized for medical use only. What a lot of people don’t see is that marijuana is a drug that helps treat people with a medical condition. According to study done at the California Pacific Medical Center Research is hoping that cannabis can be a non-toxic chemical to patients while achieving the same results in minimizing pain. These scientists also found that cannabis could stop cancer from spreading throughout the whole body. Scientists believe that cannabis can work by blocking activity that is from the gene called Id-1 which can be the cause for cancer cells. Marijuana doesn’t only help cancer patients it also helps patients with glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.
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Unformatted text preview: Marijuana is an illegal drug in the US, but they legalized alcohol and tobacco and those are far way worse than marijuana. Statics show that 400,000 people have died of tobacco use, 100,000 people have died of alcohol, 20,000 people have dies of all legal drugs, 15,000 people have died of an illegal drug and of marijuana none have died. Of all the articles I have read no one has died of marijuana over dose. You can over use marijuana but it does not cause any health problems. The links that I have read the author was unbiased and trustworthy about what they wrote. The authors gave a lot of facts about why marijuana should be legalized and how its go for medical purposes. Agrument Credibility 3 References
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Agrument Credibility - Marijuana is an illegal drug in the...

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