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Analyzing Credibility - Analyzing Credibility 1 Running...

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Analyzing Credibility 1 Running head: ANALYZING CREDIBILITY Analyzing Credibility Kimberly Valdez Axia College University of Phoenix
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Analyzing Credibility 2 Analyzing Credibility After finishing review the Ruby Giuliani interview on “The Larry King Show” with Larry King in regards to the 9/11 incident, I really do believe that the producers of the CNN show paid for the interview. I do agree on some of the points that were mentioned in the interview but would not take it as my own personal observation or opinion. There were a couple of minor slants which were expressed by Larry King when he was expressing his opinion about the 9/11 news. The opinions expressed may be credible when they were given by Mayor Giuliani, but most of the information he was presenting was more of his own beliefs and opinions. I think we all have our own opinions and concerns on how we need to protect and keep our country safe.
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