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The two theories that I chose are Learning Theory and Trait Theory. Learning Theory has two different types of theories to it. The first theory is Behaviorism this theory is more of a traditional theory and the second theory is social-cognitive is more of a contemporary learning theory. With behaviorism one will learn from observation. When a person starts to observe the people around them, one can become a lawyer or thief. With social-cognitive a person’s behavior is to believe that it can occur as a result of values and the expectations of other people. The differences between the both theories are obvious that behaviorism is learned by observation and trait is learned naturally. A good example of behaviorism would be when a child has grown up in the
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Unformatted text preview: environment where there was alcoholism. There’s a chance that the child will start drinking before the age of 21 because that is the kind of environment they grow up in. So the child will grow up with the mentality that it is ok to be an alcoholic because their parents did it and they are following those footsteps. When it comes to trait theory this type of theory will come naturally. I think this theory is when a person follows their natural instinct and the traits of the type of heritage which one is from. With this type of theory a person wouldn’t go somewhere a person is not familiar with. If a person has a special kind of talent there will be a great chance that the person will use the talents they have in a very useful way....
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