Persuasion & Confomity Scenario

Persuasion & Confomity Scenario - In my own...

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In my own personal opinion I think Donnie will be more susceptible to peer pressure and use drugs and alcohol. Musicians seem to think that drugs open their minds to more ideas. Some like to be lucid to and let the ideas “flow” into their mind. Since he keeps to himself he may use drugs and alcohol as ways to reach out to other fellow students to make friends. Musicians often move around a lot and think hey this won’t hurt to try this time, and then they move to another city to play and find more new things. John I don’t think will fall into drugs. I do know several athletes who drink and party. In Tishomingo County the athletes have to have a certain GPA and they take random drug tests at the schools. They also have to meet attendance and most athletes that are in sports like so well either because of the popularity or because it’s what they like to do. John is already popular so I am sure he wouldn’t reach out to drugs for people to notice him. It is not nice for people to stereotype others or to pass judgment. You could say
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