The Sexual Response Cycle - The Sexual Response Cycle 1...

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The Sexual Response Cycle 1 Running head: THE SEXUAL RESPONSE CYCLE The Sexual Response Cycle Kimberly Valdez Axia University of Phoenix
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The Sexual Response Cycle 2 The Sexual Response Cycle It looks like sex is a word that the world would like to keep hidden. Even though it’s part of human nature and I don’t think no one should be ashamed of it. I believe that if more people knew about sex, we can be as healthier as we should be. For insists before I really never thought about a body’s sexual response cycle. When it comes to the sexual response for females and males are different but at the same time similar and it’s divided into four groups: resolution, orgasm, excitement, and plateau. This cycle are characterized by myotonia and vasocongestion. Myotonia means muscle tension. Vasocongestion is when men start to get an erection and the blood starts flowing into the penis and does not flow out. As for women they start to get engorgement of the gentle area and clitoris and vaginal opening. Both of these phrases are a big part of the female and male sexual response cycle. The first stage is called the excitement stage. This stage start by an erection in the male and vaginal lubrication in the female, myotonia, in both sexes the heart rate start to increase. In the beginning of this stage the males have an erection within 3 to 8 seconds as well as the testes becoming elevated and enlarged and the scrotal skin thickening. As for the female they start getting vaginal lubrication within 10 to 30 seconds of when sexual stimulation begins. Then come the swelling of the clitoris as well as flattens and spreads the vaginal lips. What also happens the breast start to enlarge and the vagina expands. For both females and males the skin can have a rosy color, which is more likely to happen to females then males, also the nipples in both males and females get hard. Then the blood pressure and heart rate start to increase.
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The Sexual Response Cycle - The Sexual Response Cycle 1...

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