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I think a good business in Riverview Plaza would be a Daycare center. Riverview Plaza would benefit from it because there are a lot of employees with children. It would make it easier for mothers or fathers to take their children to work. Plus the employees can go visit and spend time with their children at the daycare center during their break. This will make the employee feel more comfortable that their children are in good hands. The children will have good teaching and health care environment. The Daycare will have only educated people working for us. DigiFast would be very happy to have this kind of service. What feedback did you receive?
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Unformatted text preview: The feedback I receive from WritePoint was I put to many space between words. I did not have any plagiarism. • What surprised you about this feedback? The thing that surprised me was that my spell check did not catch it and the WritePoint did. This helps me out a lot because if my spell check doesn’t catch my mistakes, I know the WritePoint will point out where I made a mistake. • What is most valuable to you regarding this feedback? It’s valuable to me because it shows all the mistakes I made. This will help me improve my writing skills and how to put each word in its proper place....
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