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What resources are available at the CWE

What resources are available at the CWE - and writing...

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What resources are available at the CWE? What information do these resources provide? The resources that are available at CWE are WritePoint, Tutor Review, Plagiarism Checker and Tutorial and Guides . WritePoint gives you feedback on basic grammar. It inserts comments on where exactly you made the mistake. Tutor Review gives you detailed feedback on format, grammar, organization, punctuation and usage. It helps point out all the errors that you made on your paper. You should only use this resource when you finish your final draft paper. Plagiarism Checker gives you feedback on exactly where you copied another writer’s material. Tutorial and Guides are there to help us improve our grammar
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Unformatted text preview: and writing skills. There are different sections that help you understand how to write a proper essay. Which two resources may be most useful in building your writing skills? Explain your answer. The two resources that will help me improve my writing skills would be Plagiarism Checker and Tutor Review. Tutor Review is a good tool to use because it will help me use the proper wording and how to organize my paper. It will also show me how to use punctuation correctly. Plagiarism Checker will help me go back and change where I copied someone else material....
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