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The purpose, audience, tone, and content are different for interpersonal and business communication in the following ways. Interpersonal is on a personal level between people and business communication is used in a professional level between your instructor and manger. The audience in a business communication is general public whereas the audience in interpersonal is on a personal level. The tone in business communication is respectful, professional and impersonal. The tone for interpersonal communication is emotional and friendly. The content is official in business communication whereas the content is emotional or
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Unformatted text preview: personal in interpersonal communication. Here is an example of business communication of an e-mail. I’m interested in leaving to Texas to work, my hours have been reduced and I really need to work, I will commit myself to work hard and accomplish any goals that you may set for me, I’m ready and available to fulfill my duties as your employee. Here is an example of an interpersonal e-mail Hey I was wondering if you’re going to send anyone to Texas?...
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