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negative message letter - bonus Please understand that...

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Kimberly Valdez 1430 Maple St. Hanover, PA 17332 October 3, 2009 Automotive Finance Corporation Team 1432 Maple St Hanover, PA 17332 Teammates, I’m Kimberly Valdez the project manager of the department of finances. I must say, that I’m very proud of how much you guys put a strong effort to reach the quarter for this month. You all have done a very good work. But sorry to let you know that the goal for the quarter was not reached. Like we didn’t reach the end of the quarter we will not be awarded the bonuses for this month. I know this is very disappointing news for all the members of this department. As a matter of fact I was planning to take a trip with my family and friends to European with my
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Unformatted text preview: bonus. Please understand that it’s about reaching to a curtain amount that we need for the quarter. I’m sorry to be the one to give the bad news. But I know we can get to our financial goal, and we will make the bonus next quarter. I will be arranging a meeting next week so we can discuss strategies that will help meet our financial goal for the next quarter. If you have any ideas that can help the team to meet our goal for the next quarter, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you have any question or concerns about what happened this quarter please let me know so we can discuss this in our next meeting?...
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