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Memo To: Javier Badillo, Manager From: Kimberly Valdez, Project Manager Date : October 3, 2009 Subject: Financial Goal and Bonus I’m writing this letter to inform to you about our financial goal for this month’s quarter. My teammates and I worked really hard trying to reach our financial goal for this quarter. Unfortunately, I am so sorry to report that my teammates and I were not able to meet the financial goal for the quarter. As a result for not meeting our goal, we will not be receiving our monthly bonuses. The team and I performed really well and made a strong effort to complete this month’s project on time. But even with that much effort, we had a difficult time reaching our goal. We will continue to work strong enough for the company to meet our financial goal next
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Unformatted text preview: month. My teammates and I are looking forward to the next quarter and we will work really hard to receive our bonuses. If you have any suggestion in where we need to improve so we can complete our project for next month’s goal, I would gladly appreciate it. I also would like more progress report to better track our performances. This will help us put more effort into reaching our financial goal for next month’s quarter. The progress report will also help us keep track who is not completely doing they’re work. I would really appreciate if we can discuss this in our next meeting on Monday the 5 at 12:00 noon....
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