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Memorandum to Team Committee DIGIFAST CORPORATION MEMORANDUM TO: Mrs. Charlotte Alexander FROM: Kimberly Valdez DATE: October 09, 2009 SUBJECT: Why Digifast needs a day care, My name is Kimberly Valdez I plan on getting an approval for opening a day care on the fourth floor of DigiFast. Lately I have been hearing people talk about issues that they are having with working late and not having time or enough energy to spend with their children. I have also heard that some mothers are having a hard time being away from their children. The thought of having a day care center in DigiFast will help parents and managers all work together in harmony. By having the day care in the facility parents will be able to see and play with their children during their break and lunch time, I know their child will be will taken care of if one of the employees have to stay after hours to work. It will help create better work ethic
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Unformatted text preview: from managers and parents because no one will have to worry about any personal issue like day care problems. I believe when the day care opens it will take a little bit of adjustments, but it would be a wonderful thing for all the employees that work at DigiFast. As for the parents we will provide them with the child’s schedule of the day and times when it is best for the parents to come visit their children. There will be a room especially made for nursing mothers and if the parents need help in potty training their children, we will gladly help in that area. We will close until the last parent picks up their child without any late fees. I think in opening a day care this will create less stress for all the parents here at DigiFast....
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