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Applying Style Guidlines - result of this I do support the...

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Memo To: Christine Lancaster, Supervisor From: Joe Gilmore, Department Manager Date : October 18, 2009 Subject: Training Series I have reviewed the essay that was attached to the memo; I found the essay very interesting. This is exactly what we need for our department. I would like to thank you for sending me your interns essay, which I think it was very detailed and good. Emotional intelligence essay is a representation on how times have changed. Those are the days when employees were employed on their degrees. As I read the essay I decided to research more about “emotional intelligence”. There seems to be a large amount of information on the internet. I also came across a lot of critiques of emotional intelligence who were for it. I think that every time we communicate with someone, emotions are used generally. As the
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Unformatted text preview: result of this, I do support the argument for emotional intelligence which is: companies who follow this concept become successful. I have noticed that there is a test done on people to show the level of emotional intelligence. I would like to use this idea of emotional intelligence, to watch and see if there is any major change in our department. I will be researching more on this, and I would like for you to also research on emotional intelligence. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday at 9:00 am and we will be discussing this idea with everyone. I would like for us to get together on Monday at 9:00 am to discuss more about this idea....
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