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Effective - for pictures of a daycare and explain how it works and all the fun activities that the kids are going to be doing The font I chose to

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I plan to use a more simple design for my presentation. The design I chose for my PowerPoint presentation is Oriel with pastels colors. The reason I picked this design and colors are because my presentation is about a day care center. The color and design fit perfect for the topic I chose. I’m going to be using four different layouts for my presentation. The first layout I chose was section header, this layout will have the title of what I’m going to be presenting. The second layout I chose is blank page, I will be writing the introduction on this page. The third layout will be title and content, I will use this page to write all the different content in why they should put a day care at the facility. The four layouts would be picture with caption; I will be using this page
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Unformatted text preview: for pictures of a daycare and explain how it works and all the fun activities that the kids are going to be doing. The font I chose to use is “Times New Roman” and “Ariel”. This type of font is more professional and formal to use in a presentation. I’m going to use a readable font size, this way it’s easier for the audience to follow the presentation. The color I picked is neutral colors because I don’t want my presentation to look dark and unable to read and understand it. As for graphics I will be adding here and there cartoon kids. So it can look fun but at the same time professional. The reason why I chose to do it simple is because the more things it has the more clutter and unprofessional it would look like....
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