Write up L4 - simple.This breaking up changes circuits into...

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Lab experiment date: September 15, 2010 Name: Simran Ahuja Lab Day: Wednesday Lab time: 1:30pm Lab instructor: Poornima Lab number: 4 Title of experiment: : Quartus Graphic Entry and Simulation Write a technical response to each of these questions. In your own words, what is the purpose of circuit from Figure 5-3. The figure 5-3 shows that a 1-out of 4 data selector can be constructed by combining two levels of the 1-out-of-2 data selector circuit design. How do the logic gates accomplish this function? The logic gates accomplish this in a hierarchical fashion. How are circuits changed into “block symbols”? Large designs can be more easily developed by subdividing the system into a hierarchical description of the design.With this the complex design can be broken down into multiple layers to make the design
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Unformatted text preview: simple.This breaking up changes circuits into block symbols. Explain the operation of the circuit from the tutorial that combined the three block symbols to form the top level design file. The circuit enters the hierarchical design as multiple projects.Each block represents a new project. Which bit is the most significant of the select lines? 4bit What does the binary value placed on the Select lines represent? It represents the uniqueness of the select lines. Explain the strategy that you used to create the timing waveforms for simulation of this circuit. By giving the end time and grid size. Station cleanup. Instructor check off ______________ Page PAGE 1 of NUMPAGES 1...
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Write up L4 - simple.This breaking up changes circuits into...

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