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P a r i s - S a n t a n a | 1 Jonnathan A. Paris-Santana Jimmy J. Pack Jr. English 002 September 25, 2010 Of Mice and Men The book, Of Mice and Men, contains a universal theme that can be experienced by many people: the theme of loneliness. In accordance with this theme, we are able to analyze the book through three characters: Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s wife. In John Steinbeck’s book, we follow the tragic tale of George Milton and Lennie Small; the main characters who provide the “frame of reference”; who are traveling from the town of Solidad to an isolated ranch. This has an ironic impact on the reader because when translated to English, the word “Solidad” means “loneliness”. Lennie is described as a tall, slender man with a child’s mind. One cannot help but have some sort of sympathy for Lennie, who possibly suffers from a mental delay. This is supported by the fact that he tends to be forgetful when he is asked by George to remember things, and has an even harder time trying to remember. As an example, near the beginning of the book, Lennie asks “Where we goin’, George?”, and from George’s response, in which he exclaims, "So you forgot that awready, did you? I gotta tell you again, do I?” we can see that they have been together for quite a while, and that George understands Lennie’s condition: his inability to keep and recall information. Yet, George is frustrated by it. On the other hand, George is quite the opposite. George is a man of short stature, a bit pudgy, and wears a hat. He is very short-tempered, but at the same time, he exhibits a caring and kind personality, and acts very much like a protector with Lennie around. George is very devoted to Lennie, though by obligation. This can be
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Of_Mice_and_Men - Paris-Santana |1 Jonnathan A...

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