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Unformatted text preview: AEM1200, Introduction to Business Management. AEM1200, Wednesday 9/8 Fundamentals of Processes Operations Management and Processes Kristen’s Cookies as an example of an Kristen’s operation operation Operations Management Operations The management of the conversion or The transformation of resources (including human resources) into goods and services. services. Process Process Collection of tasks, connected by flows Collection of goods and information, that transforms various inputs into more valuable outputs valuable Measuring the Performance of a Process Capacity Maximum rate of output from the process Units of output per unit of time Efficiency Ratio of the amount or value of the process to the amount or value of the input Utilization: ratio of the input the process actually used in creating the output to the amount of that input available for use. Flexibility Measure of how long it would take to change the process to that it could produce a different output, or could use a different set of inputs Both product and process Quality Kristen’s Cookie Company Kristen’s Kristen and her roommate are about to open a two person midnight Kristen cookie baking operation, operating out of her own dorm room. The production process is a very simple line flow, but with high product variety. Your task is to find out whether this is a feasible, and reasonably profitable, idea. profitable, Make sure to understand and draw the process flow diagram, and to Make calculate throughput, cycle time and capacity for the process. Identify the bottleneck. What would happen if you could double the capacity of the bottleneck? the Consider as alternatives the possible areas of excellence of Kristen’s Consider Cookies. It could offer: Cookies. The cheapest fresh cookies on campus The fastest fresh cookies on campus The most customized fresh cookies on campus. The You can think of other options!!! For each option, consider how close does Kristen’s Cookies process For comes to fulfill that promise, and how it falls short (or is unable to) fulfill it. You should be able to come up with a satisfactory value proposition for Kristen’s. for Finally, your analysis ought to consider how attractive is Kristen’s Finally, cookies for Kristen and her roommate, as well and for its customers. How likely is it, in your opinion that Kristen’s Cookies stays in business? How Kristen’s Cookies Kristen’s Made to order cookies setup Resources Kristen Friend Mixing bowls Cookie trays Oven A scheduling device Gantt chart: resources vs. time Gantt chart for Kristen’s Cookies Gantt Resources Mixing bowls Cookie trays Kristen Friend Oven Start 5 min 10 min 10 15 min 20 min 15 Kristen’s Cookies Kristen’s Process flow diagram Throughput time Cycle time = 1 / capacity Capacity = 1 / cycle time Bottleneck The process that defines the cycle time and the The capacity of the system; capacity Team Written Case Analysis Guide Team Once during the semester, each team will write a Once formal case analysis and be asked to present its solution to the case in class. The presentations will take place at the beginning of each session, according to the schedule posted on the Website. Groups assigned to each case will turn in their papers at the end of the class on the case study. case During the class where a group is preparing a group During analysis, individual page write-ups are not expected. not Team Responsibilities Team Each team member should begin this case as if Each it were an individual case – establishing the problem, developing possible solutions and being prepared to make a recommendation. being Create a rough outline summarizing the problem Create statement, key issues, relevant facts and data, and your overall recommendation. and Divide up the sections for each teammate to Divide write. write. Be sure to have one individual act as an editor to Be ensure consistency in the writing throughout the assignment. assignment. Prepare your team’s in-class case presentation. Written Case Analysis Mechanics Written Your paper should be Your divided as it would be for an individual write-up, with “Problem Statement,” ,” “Alternative Solutions,” ,” and “Recommendation” as and as bolded headers, unless otherwise specified. otherwise The length of the team The analysis should be between five and eight pages, including tables and figures. including Other indications Single spaced Word processed 12 pts font (preferably 12 Times Roman) Times Good grammar Consistency of facts Consistency and presentation and Use Appendixes Team Case Analysis Presentation Team Two teams per case Presenting possible solutions and courses of action. Five minutes per presentation Three slides per presentation State the problem Present alternatives Do not describe advantages and disadvantages, simply state Do possible solutions possible Describe advantages and disadvantages and make it clear Describe through both qualitative and quantitative analysis why you are supporting this solution supporting Make a recommendation Team Case Analysis Evaluation Team Content: Problem Definition- clearly and concisely stated (10) ____ Identification and Explanation of Relevant Issues (20) (20) ____ ____ Supporting Facts and Data – as related to identified issues and (20) ____ (20) problem statement Conclusion and Recommendations – built upon sound logic and (20) ____ (20) reasoning from facts relevant to problem statement and related issues Writing: Assignment is concise and clearly written Language is appropriately professional Assignment is free of spelling and grammatical errors (15) ____ (10) ____ (5) ____ Bonus: Highly creative ‘break-through’ solution ____ ...
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