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Discussion 4 - Discussion 4 Conservation of developmental...

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Unformatted text preview: Discussion 4 Conservation of developmental pathways:- Common plan for dorsoventral patterning in Bilateria- SH proposed there was an inversion of the dorsoventral axis during evolution- Dissected a lobster, noticed when upside its plan was same as vertebrates- Homologous structures o Traits that are inherited from a common ancestor o Similar structure o Development o Molecular and genetic - Chd and sog o Chd is a specific secreted protein that promotes the development of dorsal tissues and the CNS in xenopus o Sog plays an important role in the development of ventral tissues o Injecting sog mRNA into xenopus causes dorsal development, o also in drosophila embryos causes ventral development o Inverted!- Dpp is antagonistic to sog- Bmp4 is antagonistic to chd- Microinjection of sog has been shown to antagonize the function of bmp4, though it is unknown how exactly it does this- Similar function for chd has been reported- Conclusions o Sog and chd are shown to be important on the patterning of CNS development o Dpp and bmp4 are shown to be antagonistic to sog and chd respectively o This suggests a homologous mechanism for dorsoventral patterning existed in a com mon ancestor...
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Discussion 4 - Discussion 4 Conservation of developmental...

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