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Discussion 5 - repressor peptide-What might be the...

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Discussion 5 – 9.23.2010 Main point: paper 1 Drosophila UBX has a transcription repression domain on the carboxy terminal that is shared…. 2 Ubx c terminal of artemia has a segment that represses a limb repressing section elsewhere in the sequence Questions? - What is an orthologue as opposed to a homologue? o Orthologue is separated by speciation events - What is a chiameric protein? And how is it formed? o A hybrid protein o They take a part of another protein that they want to express and tack it onto another one - Why were the second two papers “Nature” worthy? How did their conclusions represent significant steps in the understanding of evolution and or development? o Highlights the importance of hox genes - How similar does the amino acid sequence have to be in order for it to be considered conserved? - Do homologues have to have similar functions? UBX - In drosophila, has al alanine rich peptide that represses limb devele opment - Crustaceans have an additional peptide with casein kinase (CKII) sites that regulate the
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Unformatted text preview: repressor peptide-What might be the evolutionary advantage of the loss of abdominal limbs in insects? o Less weight to carry, can spend the energy on other things, etc-What ecological pressures would promote hox genes to evolve new activities as opposed to simply altering something up or downstream? o Easier to alter an existing gene than to come up with a new pathway o Easier to lose something than to gain something-The loss of an entire peptide, thus converting Ubx into a constitutive repressor seems like it would require a significant mutation. Would this more likely have arisen from a single mutation or several smaller intermediate mutations?-Is there a homologous protein to Dll that could be used to regrow human limbs? o Tbx -Why might unx not be required for the suppression of limbs in parts of the body other than the abdomen? Caterpillars have legs and “prolegs” How do they do this????...
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Discussion 5 - repressor peptide-What might be the...

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