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Notes - 9.28.2010

Notes - 9.28.2010 - Brine shrimp in each of these ubx...

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Notes – 9.28.2010 Evolution of arthropod segmentation pathways Ubx protein = a transcription factor, so it sits in the nucleus. That’s how hox genes work Hindsight mutants: ventral hindwing ventral forewing If ubx expression in the insect abdomen represses dll, how do caterpillars grow additional limbs? - Ubx very similar to AbdA
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Unformatted text preview: Brine shrimp in each of these, ubx expression has been shifted more posterior (down) Copepods Krill/pillbugs Lobsters Shrimp A vertebrate example: hox c6 Evolution of tetrapod limbs from fins (this includes us) How limbs form-Limbs have three axes. Anterior/posterior, ventral/dentral, proximal/distal...
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