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Bio_133_Sample_Exam_2 - Biology 133 Evolution and...

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Biology 133 Evolution and Development Fall 2003 FINAL EXAM Please PRINT your name______________________________________________ Please SIGN your name, indicating your agreement to abide by the honor code: ____________________________________________________________________ Instructions : 1. Be sure you have a complete exam. This exam contains 23 questions (13 pages) totaling 100 points. 2. The exam is closed book and closed notes. 3. Please write clearly and simply, and justify any claims that you make, but confine your answers to the space provided. 4. You have 3 hours to work on the exam. Use your time wisely. GOOD LUCK ! Multiple-choice questions (# 1 - 10). Please write the letter of the correct answer in the space provided. ( 2 points each ) 1. Which is NOT one of Maynard Smith and Szarthmáry’s major transitions in evolution? ______
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BIOL 133, Final Exam Page 2 of 12 a. The transition from prokaryote to eukaryote. b. The transition from solitary individuals to colonies of individuals. c. The transition from water to land. d. The transition from individual replicators to groups of replicators in compartments. e. The transition from independent replicators to chromosomes. 2. Which of the following is thought to have caused the "Cambrian explosion"? ______ 3. What is the only evolutionary mechanism that leads to adaptation? ______
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Bio_133_Sample_Exam_2 - Biology 133 Evolution and...

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