Quest_ER - Signal Hypothesis: Gunter Blobel (Sabatini)...

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Signal Hypothesis: Gunter Blobel (Sabatini) (1991) Need to know diagram **Notes on diagram: Synthesis begins in the cytosol on free ribosomes Ribosome translates 5’ to 3’ Signal Sequence = first 16 – 30 amino acids (N terminus) The Signal Sequence Recognition Particle binds to the signal sequence and transports the ribosome to the endoplasmic reticulum to the SRP Receptor The synthesis of the protein stops until the SRP binds to the SRPR SRP gets recycled The SRPR is located next the pore through which the protein is inserted into the membrane Signal peptidase recognizes a chain of hydrophobic amino acids (signal sequence) and cuts it off The cleaved off signal sequence is recycled into the membrane or cytosol Protein synthesis continues (polypeptide is translocated into lumen) As protein chain gets longer, more and more chaperones bind onto it, stopping the protein from folding until it has been synthesized completely. **Proteins that span the membrane more than once:
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Quest_ER - Signal Hypothesis: Gunter Blobel (Sabatini)...

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