Test1 - O rigin of Life Charles Darwin On the Origin of the...

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Origin of Life: Charles Darwin - On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection (1858) - Descent with modification - Theory of Evolution *Organisms with desirable traits survive and pass on these traits to their offspring *As the environment changes, organisms need to adapt Hubble - Observed red shift *Proof of Big Bang *Everything came from one point and galaxies are moving farther away *Universe is expanding Penzias & Wilson - Measured background microwaves from Big Bang - Got a 2.67 K reading - Nobel Prize in 1977 COBE - NASA sent up COBE to get a more accurate background radiation reading (no pollution from Earth) - Got 2.7 K Hubble Telescope - Used to see if background radiation changes from place to place (It does) - Got 2.726 K Hoyle - Steady State Theory *New material is being added to the middle of the universe as it expands *No evidence Schmidt - Theory of Accretion (1944) *”Dirty Snowball” *Universe collects dust and will collide with other universes *The larger the Earth gets, the more likely it will be hit by meteors Abiogenesis - Spontaneous generation *Living things from nonliving things Redi - 2 pieces of meat; One in sealed container,
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one open - Open one attracted maggots, closed one didn’t - No abiogenesis Pasteur - 2 bendy flasks with soup, left open but microorganisms wouldn’t go thru the bends Oparin & Haldane - Said living molecules weren’t being synthesized because they wouldn’t have a chance to accumulate *Be eaten *React with oxygen (which wasn’t present before) Molecules of Life - Amino acids - Nucleotides - Monosaccharides - Lipids (Fatty acids + Glycerol) Miller - Miller Experiment (1953) *Wanted to see what molecules could be made under old world conditions *Made 13/22 amino acids Sources of Energy - Meteorite Impact - Volcanic activity - Radiant (Sun), UV/X-rays - Isotopic decay Oparin - Primitive Soup - Co-acerrate droplets
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Test1 - O rigin of Life Charles Darwin On the Origin of the...

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