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Chem 3580 Prelim 3 Coverage Although the basic coverage has been provided in class and on the revised syllabus posted a couple of weeks ago, I though t further elaboration might be helpful. 1. Text: Chapters 18.19-18.22; 19.1-19.7 (omit 19.4); 20 (omit 20.10); 28 (omit 28.3, 28.4 and 28.7). Materials in chapter 18 are difficult to separate. So make sure to cover related materials such as the condensation reaction and decarboxylation. Organic chemistry knowledge is cumulative and you cannot afford not to review prior materials. Emphasis: (1) Mechanisms, reaction product prediction, and reagents covered in Ch 18-20. Pay more attention to what we covered in class since some of the reactions are not in the textbook. Don’t worry about the mechanisms for the following: Ozonolysis, NAD/NADH reaction, biological Claisen in fatty acid biosynthesis, Ozonolysis of alkynes, Group Transfer Polymerizations, and hydroboration. You should, however, be able to use the reactions, except biological Claisen, which can be ignored altogether. (2) Synthesis: knowledge of prior reactions may be necessary in addition to current reactions in
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