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Yueyue Shen Biomi 2911 – Lab Report # 1 1. Hypothesis: the presence of enterococcus inhibits the growth contaminant, in this case, the pseudomonas. Conclusion: The experiment resulted in the growth in sector 3 of the plate, which contained the containment, while the other two sectors had no growth. This supported our hypothesis and indicated that competitive exclusion experiment was a success: the contaminant was able to grow the agar alone as seen in sector 3 (one of the controls), however, no growth was observed when enterococcus is added, meaning that enterococcus inhibited the growth of pseudomonas. In sector 1, the other control, the growth of enterococcus was also inhibited. Knowing that enterococcus cannot grow on such media was important because it allowed us tell that the growth, if there were any, on sector 2 were contaminants growth rather than enterococcus growth.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Hypothesis: The growth of the contaminant was inhibited by a drop in pH Four tubes: first one contains only enterococcus, second and third ones contain both enterococcus and the contaminant, and the forth contains only the contaminant, should be prepared. Record the initial pH. Then, add a buffer to one of the tubes that contain both the enterococcus and the contaminant, in order to keep the pH from dropping. Incubate the tubes. Then streak cultures from the four broths onto the 4 sectors of vitamin free minimal medium agar plate and observe growth. The controls of the experiment include the broths with only the enterococcus, only contaminant and the broth with the buffer solution. If our hypothesis were correct then, the non-buffer condition broth would not have growth after incubation, and growth should be observed under the buffer condition....
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