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DUE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH , 2010 1 Homework Two: Chapter Two Pencil and Paper Problems – No R output needed 2.10, 2.48, 2.64, 2.78 Problems to do in R 1.149, data = ex01 080.txt 2.14, data = ex02 014.txt 2.22, data = ex02 022.txt 2.41, data = ex02 041.txt 2.66, data = ex02 066.txt 2 What to turn in 1. Keep the “pen and paper” problems separate from the “R output problems”. All problems should be stapled together, but do the “pen and paper” problems first and then the “R output problems”. 2. For homework that involves data sets, create a typed word document that includes all graphs or output that is needed to answer the homework question . All graphs and R output
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Unformatted text preview: must be commented on in your own words. 3. To save graphs from R, go the the File menu in the graph window and save the graph as a pdf or jpeg. Then you can insert this figure into a word document when writing up your homework. If you’re using Microsoft Word, you can insert a picture from the Insert Menu. Choose “picture” and then “from file”. 4. Think of your homework as a report. If the problem asks for a graph or table, include this graph of table in the text of your homework. 5. From now on, homework submitted via email or homework that consists of only R commands will not be accepted. 1...
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